Hello there, welcome to my online home! My name is Lee Johnson and I will be your host. I am a Behavior Specialist and Special Educator at a private special education school students that specializes in working with students with emotional-behavioral disorders and autism. The site that you have found here is an outlet for me to share the information that I pass along to the teachers and paraprofessionals that I work with.

I understand that ingesting the latest research on evidence-based practices is time consuming, and it takes a certain type of monster to do it for fun. My hope is to dissect it and pass it on in smaller, easy to understand, and useful pieces to those in the trenches.

The general theme of philosophy that you will find involves 1) Recognizing and being sensitive to how trauma experiences shape behavior, 2) establishing genuine relationships, 3) recognizing that there are lagging skills that hinder students’ abilities to respond in ways we would like, and 4)┬ácollaborating with the student proactively to come to solutions.

So, have a look around…

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